Monday, November 20, 2023

New Release: Winnie's Christmas Treasure Hunt (Winnie's Adventures) - by Joy K. Ball (Author), Manuela Pentangelo (Illustrator)


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The hunt is on! Will Winnie find the treasure she’s searching for?

Winnie has a question! Where do all the schoolchildren go at night? With the help of her friend, Dusty the Desert Packrat, Winnie is determined to find out what special treasures can be found if only she can get inside a person’s home.

This heartwarming Christmas adventure is filled with exciting things kids love about the holiday season—including treasures!.

Joy K. Ball is a busy pediatrician, wife, and mother. She feels fortunate to have spent several years living in Arizona, in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, where she and her family loved exploring the vast variety of plants and animals. Having lived most of her earlier life in the Southeast, Joy was amazed to see the desert actually bloom in spring! Her debut children's book, Winnie Goes to School, was inspired by an event that occurred one dazzling spring day when a feathered friend attempted to join her daughter’s first-grade class. Joy currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband and 2 teenage daughters, where life is busy and always an adventure. Find out more about Dr. Joy on her website Home - Joy Ball - Author (

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