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From Samurai Bounty Hunter to Egyptian Goddess - creating new stories and characters for the Azura Universe - by Vijaya Schartz


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The Azura Universe is vast and varied. I have been writing stories in it for several years now, over different series. From the Azura Chronicles set on the angel planet, to the Byzantium series set on a space station, and now the Blue Phantom series, featuring the crew of an angel ship. I truly enjoy writing this universe. It’s filled with Humans, alien races, powerful angels, AIs, Cyborg, formidable crime lords, evil sects, power-hungry rulers, bounty hunters, demons, demi-gods, and often big cats with mind-reading abilities.

In all of these novels, you will find strong heroines, brave heroes, and lots of action and adventure, with a little romance for good measure. I write to entertain, and you can trust me to give my stories a happy conclusion no matter what kind of hell my characters have to go through to find their happily ever after.

All my science fiction novels in each series can stand alone, and I like to give each of them a different flair. I sometimes find inspiration in various legends and mythologies of ancient cultures throughout the world, from India to Japan, to the middle east. In Angel Guardian, the latest release, my villainess is Azfet, the Egyptian Goddess of chaos, who has crossed over from another universe.

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But now is the time to plot ANGEL REVENGE, Book 3 in the Blue Phantom series. And this time, my heroine is the one coming from a semi-familiar mythology. A strong warrior woman, a green-eyed beauty, flying over the battlefield on the wings of a genetically enhanced tiger. That’s all I will say. You’ll have to wait until next fall to read her story.

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In the meantime, you can read the previous books in this universe, some of which won literary awards, and all of which gathered rave reviews. Happy reading!

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Vijaya Schartz, award-winning author
Strong Heroines, Brave Heroes, cats

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New Release: Blind Journey: A Journalist's Memoirs - by Jack Hawn


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Uncharted and beyond his control for the most part, Jack Hawn's career simply happened. He never studied journalism and never aspired to be a writer. After almost four years assigned to the army's public information offices, he faced civilian life with a wife, infant daughter, wild ambition, bursting optimism, unshakeable confidence-and no job. Eventually, he found work as a copyboy at a Hollywood newspaper, was paid $5 to review plays and nightclub acts, and a year later filled a sports desk vacancy. As years passed, he earned extra income as a television dramatist and wrote TV and radio scripts for sportscasters. When the paper folded in 1970, he was hired at the Los Angeles Times, where he worked in sports and entertainment. During Jack Hawn's amazing 43-year career, he covered Muhammad Ali title fights, boxing at the 1984 Olympics, and wrote about Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and other celebrities until his retirement in 1991. Whether you're an aspiring or veteran journalist or just want a genuine page turner that details the author's own life and career, it's a work you'll keep pulling from your bookshelf time and again. As one critic summed up his review: "His book is terrific."

Born January 25, 1930, in Kearney, Nebraska, Jack Hawn grew up in Southern California, graduated from San Fernando High School in 1947, and after one year at the University of California, Santa Barbara, enlisted in the U.S. Army. He and his wife Charlene celebrated their sixty-third anniversary June 2, 2014. They produced four children. The numbers began to change nearly two decades later-14 grandchildren, 23 great-grandkids and (last reported) 3 great-greats. The author and his second wife, Mary Beth Myers-Hawn, reside in Sun City West, Arizona.

Jack was born in Kearney, Nebraska, January 25, 1930, raised in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. He and his wife of 63 years moved into their Sun City West, Arizona, home on Christmas Eve of 1991. He and his present spouse celebrated their first anniversary July 11, 2021 (lucky seven-eleven). Jack never studied journalism or aspired to be a journalist. It simply happened thanks to an Army lieutenant colonel, the Fort Ord public information officer with whom he shared a midnight Greyhound bus ride when he was an 18-year-old recruit fresh out of basic training. Jack is an active opportunistic optimist with a strong sense of humor, having a "target date" of at least 104 years. That's when his identical 18-year-old triplet great-grandsons will open a time capsule that contains his book among other treasures. Their brother also should be present. He's two years older. Author's Website: