Monday, March 16, 2020

What would happen if they came?

The mainstream scientists finally agree that it would be impossible for us to be the only intelligent race in the universe. And it seems that many ancient texts all over the world speak of visitations of powerful gods wielding thunderbolts, and other strange beings, some blue of skin, some with many arms, some with wings, others who emerged from the sea… who possessed incredible technology and waged war in the skies on their chariots of fire. 

Gods warring in the sky in ancient sanskrit texts 

Since Chariots of the gods, by Erich Von Daniken was published in the seventies, science is now answering many of his questions. Ancient mythologies might have described aliens descending from the sky, and their advanced technology was interpreted as divine powers. Some ancient ruins show signs of being destroyed by nuclear weapons millennia ago, and are still radioactive. 

In the light of our quick progress and our push for establishing colonies on the Moon and on Mars, it stands to reason that, if they are watching us, these other galactic races with incredible technology will want to make official contact with us… before we develop into a full-blown interplanetary race and interfere with their domain. 

It may be that we will colonize the closest planets long before they make contact with us. What will we do when they make contact? How shall we communicate? Do we have a plan? 

In the movie ARRIVAL, a linguist is tasked to decipher the language of aliens attempting to communicate with us. Since language is intrinsically linked to a culture (believe me, as a French person living in the US, and writing in English, I find it to be the truth) understanding an alien race would mean learning about, and understanding their culture… to determine their intents. 

Why did they come? What do they want? Are they friendly and want to study us, like the adorable alien in E.T. or have they come to eat us and plunder our resources, like in INDEPENDENCE DAY? 

How will the Military react? What if they have a different notion of time? What if they want us to get to their level and offer new knowledge and advanced technology? What if they are our creators through DNA manipulation, and are checking on our progress? Will we pass the test or will they destroy us with a great flood or a plague? Are we evolved enough to understand their motives?


In a speech to the U.N. in 1987, President Ronald Reagan said, “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.“ Carl Sagan, Winston Churchill, Stephen Hawking, all considered the likelihood of our first contact. 

But how can negotiations happen between galactic cultures, without a world government able to represent the entire planet? It’s impossible when so many factions are at odds, when they wage political and religious wars against each other, and the world leaders have a selfish appetite for power. 

Some leaked reports say the governments of several countries are already working with different groups of aliens and replicating their technologies. Others say there are many alien factions as well, and they are at odds with each other. 

UFOs buzzed the White House in 1952

There is even documented instances when Aliens attempted to make peaceful contact with the White House over half a century ago, but the powers of the time were not ready to make peace with the rest of the world... or publicly acknowledge the existence of aliens. 

If World Peace is a condition for our admission in the Galactic Confederation of Planets, I will visualize World Peace, and hope I’m still around to witness this momentous event that will forever unite the Human Race and give us a new direction. 

In the meantime, I write Sci-fi where Humans have already sprung into space and rub shoulders with alien races and cultures. Don’t miss my AZURA series (a planet inhabited by winged beings with astonishing powers) and my BYZANTIUM series (set on a space station at the fringe of conquered space). Of course, you can expect strong heroines, brave heroes, and a few smart felines.

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