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From Samurai Bounty Hunter to Egyptian Goddess - creating new stories and characters for the Azura Universe - by Vijaya Schartz


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The Azura Universe is vast and varied. I have been writing stories in it for several years now, over different series. From the Azura Chronicles set on the angel planet, to the Byzantium series set on a space station, and now the Blue Phantom series, featuring the crew of an angel ship. I truly enjoy writing this universe. It’s filled with Humans, alien races, powerful angels, AIs, Cyborg, formidable crime lords, evil sects, power-hungry rulers, bounty hunters, demons, demi-gods, and often big cats with mind-reading abilities.

In all of these novels, you will find strong heroines, brave heroes, and lots of action and adventure, with a little romance for good measure. I write to entertain, and you can trust me to give my stories a happy conclusion no matter what kind of hell my characters have to go through to find their happily ever after.

All my science fiction novels in each series can stand alone, and I like to give each of them a different flair. I sometimes find inspiration in various legends and mythologies of ancient cultures throughout the world, from India to Japan, to the middle east. In Angel Guardian, the latest release, my villainess is Azfet, the Egyptian Goddess of chaos, who has crossed over from another universe.

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But now is the time to plot ANGEL REVENGE, Book 3 in the Blue Phantom series. And this time, my heroine is the one coming from a semi-familiar mythology. A strong warrior woman, a green-eyed beauty, flying over the battlefield on the wings of a genetically enhanced tiger. That’s all I will say. You’ll have to wait until next fall to read her story.

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In the meantime, you can read the previous books in this universe, some of which won literary awards, and all of which gathered rave reviews. Happy reading!

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Vijaya Schartz, award-winning author
Strong Heroines, Brave Heroes, cats

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New Release: Blind Journey: A Journalist's Memoirs - by Jack Hawn


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Uncharted and beyond his control for the most part, Jack Hawn's career simply happened. He never studied journalism and never aspired to be a writer. After almost four years assigned to the army's public information offices, he faced civilian life with a wife, infant daughter, wild ambition, bursting optimism, unshakeable confidence-and no job. Eventually, he found work as a copyboy at a Hollywood newspaper, was paid $5 to review plays and nightclub acts, and a year later filled a sports desk vacancy. As years passed, he earned extra income as a television dramatist and wrote TV and radio scripts for sportscasters. When the paper folded in 1970, he was hired at the Los Angeles Times, where he worked in sports and entertainment. During Jack Hawn's amazing 43-year career, he covered Muhammad Ali title fights, boxing at the 1984 Olympics, and wrote about Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and other celebrities until his retirement in 1991. Whether you're an aspiring or veteran journalist or just want a genuine page turner that details the author's own life and career, it's a work you'll keep pulling from your bookshelf time and again. As one critic summed up his review: "His book is terrific."

Born January 25, 1930, in Kearney, Nebraska, Jack Hawn grew up in Southern California, graduated from San Fernando High School in 1947, and after one year at the University of California, Santa Barbara, enlisted in the U.S. Army. He and his wife Charlene celebrated their sixty-third anniversary June 2, 2014. They produced four children. The numbers began to change nearly two decades later-14 grandchildren, 23 great-grandkids and (last reported) 3 great-greats. The author and his second wife, Mary Beth Myers-Hawn, reside in Sun City West, Arizona.

Jack was born in Kearney, Nebraska, January 25, 1930, raised in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. He and his wife of 63 years moved into their Sun City West, Arizona, home on Christmas Eve of 1991. He and his present spouse celebrated their first anniversary July 11, 2021 (lucky seven-eleven). Jack never studied journalism or aspired to be a journalist. It simply happened thanks to an Army lieutenant colonel, the Fort Ord public information officer with whom he shared a midnight Greyhound bus ride when he was an 18-year-old recruit fresh out of basic training. Jack is an active opportunistic optimist with a strong sense of humor, having a "target date" of at least 104 years. That's when his identical 18-year-old triplet great-grandsons will open a time capsule that contains his book among other treasures. Their brother also should be present. He's two years older. Author's Website:

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New Release: Team Joshua: The war on crime continues - by Frank Davis


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"Team Joshua" is a story about a select group of individuals who became special government agents assigned to take down criminals who think of themselves as untouchables. The group is lead by Joshua Brown, a 6'-7" former active duty Recon Marine. With him are three other former Marines, Pham Bin Minh, sniper, Mark Riley, demolition expert and Sarge, a large German Shepherd trained to identify explosives and to attack the enemy. A fourth member of the team is Simone Cantrell, a DEA special agent until she hooked up with the team.

The last member of the team is Caleb Brown, Joshua's twin brother, also a former Recon Marine. Both Joshua and Caleb served in Afghanistan for two tours. A week before their last tour ended Caleb was killed by an IED. But his spirit survived, bonded to his brother and became a super sleuth, providing intel no human could gather.

They have successfully completed all four missions over two and a half years. Each one more complex than the last. It was time to stand down and enjoy some well earned R&R. However, that was not to be. This mission was by far the most complex they had ever been assigned to. It was like going back to combat again, but this time in Oregon. Before it was over many people would die.

Frank G. Davis is an award-winning author from Chandler. During the last three years he has self-published ten science fiction novels. An eleventh novel is currently being edited. He is also involved in generating an audio book of one of his novels, The Book of Caleb. It's a prequel to the Joshua series. He has written two four-book series; the first is the Generation series, a space opera that covers 200 years and multiple generations. 

The second is titled, Joshua. It is an action/adventure series set in the near future. Frank has been focusing on marketing and has made arrangements with several Barnes and Noble stores in the Phoenix area to add some of his books to their Local Authors displays. 

In March, he held his first book signing event at the Barnes and Noble store at Tempe Market Place. There are eleven Barnes and Noble stores in the greater Phoenix area. His goal is to hold book signings monthly at their various stores. To find out more about Frank, visit his website Home | Sci Fi Frank

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Would you know it if you were the victim of Identity Theft? - by Vijaya Schartz

Although I write fiction, I have to say reality can sometimes be more incredible than angels and demons and other supernatural creatures found in my books.

It all started with a strange transaction on my Paypal account. $34.00 were taken out to an unfamiliar bank, then placed back into my account. Weird, but no harm done. Probably a mistake from Paypal. Still, I messaged Paypal on the site to contest the transaction.

Two days later, I jumped as I noticed a large balance in my checking account. Someone was moving money around, transferring all my savings into my checking, including a very large cash advance from my credit card.

I took out my phone to call the bank, only to discover that my phone refused to let me dial out. PANIC!

Then, large cash withdrawals were happening on my retirement account. WHAT? Unable to call, I sent an online message to contest the transactions, but got a message back that they were busy and to expect delays.

The next day, all my IRA rollover shares had been sold and the entire balance in my account was on its way out to an unknown bank account, being processed. Still no phone, and no one to talk to, except sending a message on the site.

Of course, it was the weekend. On Monday, I went to my bank and spoke to a fraud agent. Someone had also requested a personal loan in my name. My bank filed a claim and froze all my accounts and opened new ones. Told me to file a police report and change all my passwords.

I had my phone checked. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, but it wouldn't dial out. Stranger and stranger. They replaced the Sim card. Now it works fine.

I called my retirement account firm, and they stopped the cash transfer and locked my account... just in the nick of time. They gave me a list of places to go and people to call, including, and the credit bureaus, etc. They also asked me to have my laptop and my phone cleaned, which I did. I learned that my phone was probably hacked first, to prevent me from reporting the fraud in time.

The worse was averted. I could sleep again. But now wherever I go online, I have to deal with proving my identity as without all the cookies my familiar sites do not recognize me. I have to reset all my bill payments, all my automatic deposits and more...

It has been a maddening two weeks, and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was fortunate. My bank was curious on how I spotted the fraud so quickly. I check the balance on all my bank accounts online every morning, as part of my daily routine. Had I not done that, I would be on the street today. 

Now I can start writing again, with a clean computer and a clear mind. I'm working on the next book in the BLUE PHANTOM series, to be released next year. In the meantime, you can read the two first books: 

Desperate to save her people from the Marauders swarming her space freighter, Kefira prays for a miracle. Blake Volkov, legendary captain of the Blue Phantom hears her plea and deems her and her refugees worthy of his help. Grateful for the rescue, Kefira finds his price shocking. But despite his glowing wings, handsome looks and impressive abilities, Blake admits he is no angel… although Kefira’s feline bodyguard strongly disagrees.

Meanwhile, an old enemy bent on revenge unleashed an unspeakable evil on the galaxy. Time to face past mistakes… time for innocent blood to flow. Nothing prepared Kefira for the upheaval ahead.

Can Blake find redemption? Can Kefira save her people? Can she ever trust and love again?

ANGEL GUARDIAN - Book 2 amazon B&N - Smashwords - Kobo

Desperate to escape the frozen labor planet to complete his crucial mission, Kal wishes he could remember his orders, who he worked for, or who he was before his memory wipe.

On her first solo assignment to rescue a foreign angel, Indra discovers that, despite her impeccable training, she is not warrior material. She cares too much to follow orders. Her life turns upside down when the captain of the Blue Phantom assigns her a spirited, telepathic feline named Panthera.

But a new kind of evil threatens to subjugate the galaxy, and it came on the wings of the rescued angel. Torn between duty, and what she thinks is right, will Indra dare to violate angel rule? If she’s wrong, and Kal is an agent of evil, it could plunge the entire galaxy into eternal torment.

Vijaya Schartz, award-winning author
Strong Heroines, Brave Heroes, cats
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New Release: Winnie's Christmas Treasure Hunt (Winnie's Adventures) - by Joy K. Ball (Author), Manuela Pentangelo (Illustrator)


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The hunt is on! Will Winnie find the treasure she’s searching for?

Winnie has a question! Where do all the schoolchildren go at night? With the help of her friend, Dusty the Desert Packrat, Winnie is determined to find out what special treasures can be found if only she can get inside a person’s home.

This heartwarming Christmas adventure is filled with exciting things kids love about the holiday season—including treasures!.

Joy K. Ball is a busy pediatrician, wife, and mother. She feels fortunate to have spent several years living in Arizona, in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, where she and her family loved exploring the vast variety of plants and animals. Having lived most of her earlier life in the Southeast, Joy was amazed to see the desert actually bloom in spring! Her debut children's book, Winnie Goes to School, was inspired by an event that occurred one dazzling spring day when a feathered friend attempted to join her daughter’s first-grade class. Joy currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband and 2 teenage daughters, where life is busy and always an adventure. Find out more about Dr. Joy on her website Home - Joy Ball - Author (

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Meet the big winners of the 2023 Arizona Literary Awards

 GRAND PRIZE - Picture Book
Winnie Goes to School by Joy Ball

Find it on Amazon HERE

Winnie longs to discover the magic of books, but to become part of the story she will need to sneak into the school. What could possibly go wrong?

Follow Winnie the curious Cactus Wren on this whimsical story filled with adventure and fun. Will Winnie become a part of the story and learn how to behave in school? Grab your copy to find out.

Winnie Goes to School is a fun and educational story that is perfect for every home and school library. Along the way, look for other interesting plants and animals you will see inhabiting the Sonoran Desert.

What a thoughtful gift for your child's classroom!

Joy K. Ball is a pediatrician, wife, and mother. Her favorite hobby is traveling and spending time going on adventures with her family. She spent several years living in the beautiful Sonoran Desert and loved exploring the variety of plants and animals found there. Having spent most of her life in the Southeast, she was amazed to see the desert bloom in spring! Her first children's book, Winnie Goes to School, was inspired by an event that occurred one dazzling spring day when a feathered friend attempted to join her daughter's first grade class.

FIRST PRIZE Oldie But Goldie category
Red Romeo
Stasi Gigolos and the Spy Hunter of Germany
by Peter Bernhardt
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The summer of 1977 finds divided Germany locked in a fierce espionage battle. West Germany’s premier spy hunter, ambitious SABINE MAIER, faces off against ruthless Stasi General WERNER HEINRICH. Sabine has filled half a prison with her prodigious arrests of communist spies. Heinrich is the mastermind behind a small army of spy gigolos who prey on lonely women working in the West German government’s most secret divisions. Caught in the middle is ladies’ man STEFAN MALIK, a reluctant Romeo, forced to do the general’s bidding or rot in a Stasi prison.

For Peter Bernhardt, writing has been a life-long pursuit. At age 23, he emigrated from Germany to the United States, attended law school, graduated at the top of his class and was law journal editor-in-chief. After a litigation career with the U.S. Department of Justice, he retired and published his first novel. His novels, The Stasi File and Kiss of the Shaman’s Daughter were first and second place prizewinners in the 2022 Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest. His novel, Red Romeo, features spy gigolos seducing West German women to spy for communist East Germany, a story inspired by actual events. 

FIRST PRIZE Picture Book category
Elephants Are Not Artists 
by William Hart
Find it on Amazon HERE

What does it mean to be an artist? Ruby is an elephant who loves to draw on the ground with her favorite stick. She dreams of getting to use colors one day. When others tell her that she will never be an artist, she must choose between believing them or believing in herself. Discover how determination, practice, and forgiveness help Ruby along her journey.

Born and raised in the state of Georgia, William Hart currently lives in the Phoenix area with his family. He proudly has kept a bit of a Southern drawl that comes out regularly. He has received master’s degrees in human development and technical writing. His family, including two dogs, enjoy traveling, swimming, spending time in the Pinetop/Lakeside area of Arizona, and exploring kid-friendly hiking trails across the state. William writes children’s picture books including Elephants Are Not Artists.

FIRST PRIZE Oldie But Goldie category
Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops
by Allison Hong Merrill

Allison Hong is not your typical fifteen-year-old Taiwanese girl. Unwilling to bend to the conditioning of her Chinese culture, which demands that women submit to men’s will, she disobeys her father’s demand to stay in their faith tradition, Buddhism, and instead joins the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then, six years later, she drops out of college to serve a mission—a decision for which her father disowns her.

After serving her mission in Taiwan, twenty-two-year-old Allison marries her Chinese-speaking American boyfriend, Cameron Chastain. But sixteen months later, Allison returns home to their Texas apartment and is shocked to discover that, in her two-hour absence, Cameron has taken all the money, moved out, and filed for divorce. Desperate for love and acceptance, Allison moves to Utah and enlists in an imaginary, unforgiving dating war against the bachelorettes at Brigham Young University, where the rules don’t make sense—and winning isn’t what she thought it would be.

Taiwanese immigrant Allison Hong Merrill is a loveaholic and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author. She earned an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her work appears in The New York Times and has won national and international literary prizes. Her debut memoir, Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops, has won over 40 independent book awards. She is a keynote speaker, instructor, and panelist at various writer’s conferences nationwide and in Asia. She also appears on TV, radio, and podcasts; in magazines, newspapers, and journals. More at

SECOND PRIZE Fiction category
Sisters of Castle Leod
by Elizabeth Bernard
Find it on Amazon HERE

inspired by a real Scottish castle, Castle Leod. The two sisters who lived there at the turn of the twentieth century were among the most fascinating and talked-about women of their era.

Lady Sibell Mackenzie is a spiritualist, a believer in reincarnation, and a popular author of mystical romances. Petite and proper, she values tradition and duty. Her younger sister Lady Constance, swimming champion and big game hunter, is a statuesque beauty who scandalizes British society with her public displays of Greek-style barefoot dancing. The differences between the sisters escalate into conflict after Sibell inherits their late father's vast estates and the title 3rd Countess of Cromartie. But it is the birth of Sibell's daughter that sets in motion a series of bizarre and tragic events, pitting sister against sister and propelling Sibell on a desperate mission to challenge the power of fate.

Sisters of Castle Leod, by award-winning author Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard, is the emotionally charged story of two sisters torn apart by jealousy and superstition, and the impossible leap of faith that could finally bring them together.

Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard’s latest novel, Sisters of Castle Leod (2023), was selected as the Historical Novel Society Editors' Choice (Feb. 2023). The novel is a #1 bestseller in Amazon’s Historical Biographical Fiction and Biographical Literary Fiction categories. Ms. Bernard is the winner of the 2023 Maxy Award for Historical Fiction and Adventure, and a 2022 American Writing Awards Finalist in Historical Fiction. Her 2017 The Beauty Doctor was an Eric Hoffer Book Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and AZ Literary Award finalist, and is a Book Readers Appreciation Group Medallion Honoree.

SECOND PRIZE Non-Fiction category
To Travel Well, Travel Light
by Mary Coday Edwards
Find it on Amazon HERE

To Travel Well, Travel Light is a two-part memoir of an outward journey and an inward journey. Part 1 tells the story of the joys and pitfalls of living and working abroad with children in tow. A USAID program brought educated young Afghan men to the Midwest to instruct them in public administration. Mary and Mike befriended them through a community friendship program, and these mujahideen persuaded this adventurous family to move to Peshawar.

Flagstaff, Arizona, resident Mary Coday Edwards is a 2023 Nautilus Book Awards Silver medalist for her book “To Travel Well, Travel Light.” Of the twenty years she lived abroad with her family, eight were in Pakistan, where she worked in Afghan refugee post-conflict repatriation and reconstruction projects. She is an internationally published writer and edited and wrote for English daily newspapers in Jakarta and Mexico. She has a BS in engineering technology, an MA in energy and environmental studies, and post-graduate studies in ecological justice. She is a trained spiritual facilitator and a nonsectarian ordained minister through Denver's People House.

SECOND PRIZE Picture Book category
Freester’s First Easter
by Kris Benny
Find it on Amazon HERE

"Freester's First Easter" is an adorable picture book that captures the magic and excitement of Easter through the eyes of a little rabbit named Freester. Aimed at children aged 3-8, this book is filled with colorful illustrations and enticing rhymes that will capture their imaginations and keep them engaged from start to finish.

Kris Benny is the author of Freester's First Easter. As a mother, she understands that the best way to teach is to package learning into something joyful and playful like a story, poem, painting, or a song. The medium that comes naturally to her is storytelling! She loves reading and writing. She was born in a tropical city in the southern part of India and grew up hearing stories from her father and melodious songs from her mother. She loves both her sisters dearly. She currently lives in Henderson, Nevada with her beloved husband and two wonderful boys.

THIRD PRIZE Picture Book category
Marcus - King of the Dandelions
by L. Malungu
Find it on Amazon HERE

This story, as with the other books in the Marcus series, invites young readers to explore their natural world and experience its wonders through the eyes of its loveable protagonist. The syllabic highlighting of text provides young readers greater ease in applying phonetic understanding to decode new vocabulary. The rich vocabulary is intentional, and awakens the mind to an exciting linguistic adventure that will be experienced by the young reader as a challenge overcome. It is the author's heartfelt desire that this story be an initial spark igniting a life-long passion for reading and unlocking the power of literacy for its readers.

As an educator and educational researcher, L. Malungu is concerned that our media savvy youngsters are losing the chance to experience the As an educatmagic of reading, preferring instead to rely on a more passive, media-rich exposure to literature— while entertaining, movies are someone else’s interpretation of a story. She has never forgotten how her own love for reading was ignited at the age of 5 during her first visit to the school library, when the librarian whispered in her ear — “Reading is magic and opens the door to everything and anything you want to learn!

THIRD PRIZE Fiction category
Rescue Ranch Rising: Book 3
by Heidi Thomas
Find it on Amazon HERE

Samantha Moser rescues horses…horses with the power to heal. She’ helps troubled teens and veterans with severe PTSD through her passion and her equine friends. Harsh Montana winters, abandonment by her fiance, in addition to limited finances, dishonest contractors, and a disastrous barn fire turn her dream of a healing center to ashes.

When the man she loves doesn’t appear to share her feelings, she’s left to overcome a mountain of doubt and fear alone.
Once again, Samantha is at a crossroads in her life. Can she reignite her romance while resurrecting her dream from ashes, or will she have to choose between them?

Heidi Thomas grew up in eastern Montana, riding and gathering cattle. Her parents taught her a love of books, and her grandmother rode bucking stock in rodeos. She followed her dream of writing with a journalism degree from the University of Montana. Heidi has published ten books and received two WILLA Literary Awards and four Will Rogers Medallion awards, among others. Heidi lives in Chino Valley, where she writes and works as a freelance editor. She is a member of Arizona Authors Association, Professional Writers of Prescott, and Women Writing the West.

THIRD PRIZE Young Adult/Juvenile category
Daughter of the Trolls
by McKenzie Catron
Find it on Amazon HERE

Are you afraid of the bogeyman?
Eighteen-year-old Sparrow can’t remember a time when she wasn’t. And neither can her mother—or the trolls, imps, gnomes, and faeries who all live in the Glade and call it home. Though Sparrow’s weak heart keeps her wheelchair bound, she and her mother have dedicated their lives to protecting the Glade, especially from the worst bogeyman of them all: the skin-stealing, poison-ingesting witch called Black Annis.
But one night, Sparrow makes a terrible mistake, and everything she once held dear is taken from her. The Glade is no longer a sanctuary, and the only way Sparrow can save her mother and her friends is to journey out into a monster-ridden world that wasn’t made for her or her wheelchair. Joined by her half-goblin friend, Rush, Sparrow will have to confront her fears before the ones they love are lost forever.
A Daughter of the Trolls will appeal to fans of European folklore and the darker Grimm Brother’s fairytales. This is a spine-tingling young adult fantasy adventure about evil witches, monsters, and the imperfect heroes who face them all. You’ll join Sparrow and her faerie friends on a life changing journey where they face not only their outer demons, but their inner ones as well.

McKenzie Catron is a wheelchair bound, autistic, award-winning YA fantasy author of the Numina Parable series and co-author of A Traveler's Guide to The Lucky Gryphon: Recipes & Regalings. An Arizona resident for more than two decades, she lives with her doggy soulmate and service beast, Grimm. McKenzie is also a full-time creative makeup artist and alternative model, fighting against disability stigmas one creation at a time. When not spending her anxious days writing novels or taking photos in her studio, you can find her over on Instagram sharing her art as @mckenziecatron.

FOURTH PRIZE Young Adult/Juvenile category
The Map of Orbis Terrarum
by DJ Schneider
Find it on Amazon HERE

Her fate rests with the map...
It is 1967 and Fifteen-year-old Melanie Simpson's life has been ripped apart and is lying in shambles. With a mother near death, and her relationship with Frankie faltering, regaining footing, then faltering again, Mel must try to keep a balance between death, love and deceit—afraid to know which will win out.

Someone then steps into her life, changing it forever. She may need to leave home and lose her close friends; possibly forever. She also learns of a truth she refuses to believe and runs from it
. But from what, and into what?

Still, she continues her quest, driven by the destiny of a connection with the Sky People and a link to the stars. She resumes her search for the mysterious Orb, a device given to her father by an alien. Now that her father has died, it is up to her to locate the Orb and finish his work.

She finds a professor who filmed him with the Orb. It shows a hologram of a sixteenth-century map, the 
Map of Orbis Terrarum, and displays points of energy around the world her father was studying. Could the map reveal the purpose of her quest?

But in her efforts to reach the professor, death and destruction find their hold.

The many layers of Melanie Simpson continue to unfold, driving her along the path of destiny.

DJ Schneider studied creative writing at San Francisco Art Institute, and later at the Log Cabin Literary Center in Boise, Idaho. He served as a professional writer/producer in advertising for radio, television, and print, having owned an advertising agency at one point. He is a member of SCBWI, the Alliance of Independent Authors, and Northwest Independent Writers Association. Currently nearing the Orion Nebula as he conducts research for his next Melanie Simpson novel, when he returns to earth he will continue work on Melanie’s next great adventure and other novels in his writing cave in Oregon. 

FOURTH PRIZE Young Adult/Juvenile category
Torment: Descension
by Daniel Foster
Find it on Amazon HERE

David and Grace are happy new parents. Their lives couldn't be better, until their baby becomes deathly ill. How far would you go to save your child, your family? Join David on his supernatural journey as he struggles with his own morality in the choices he must make to save his infant son in this classic tale of good versus evil.

Full-time software developer Daniel Foster is a lifelong artist and student of the sequential art discipline. Growing up he filled his hours with reading comic books, drawing his own comic book pages, or playing pickup basketball games at the park. Currently, he spends time cheering for his Philadelphia sports teams with his beloved children, taking his crazy dog on walks, or working at the drawing table on his Torment trilogy. Daniel hopes that people enjoy reading his graphic novel as much as he enjoyed creating it. 

Monday, November 6, 2023

New Release: Aggression Factor - by Daniel Dickinson


Find it on Amazon Here

The Horde sweeps across the Earth, an unstoppable force with advanced technology. The desperate human nations fight a losing battle, facing destruction as the best defenses they can muster fall before the relentless advance of the enemy. They must find a way to defeat the invaders or face destruction.

Experience the strife and sacrifice, the fear and heroism of the human race in their battle against the invading Horde, in four stories:

Fallen Iron – Seen as inferior and outdated, Mike and his squadron of A-10 pilots have one more trick up their sleeves.

Ellie – When the Horde strikes at the heart of the Arizona desert, Ellie and her father flee the last bastion of civilization.

Three of Spades – A routine scouting mission escalates into a fight for survival in the foothills of the Rockies as the Horde advances.

Losses – Ellie made a new home in Vegas, but when the Horde arrives at her doorstep, she's unprepared for what happens next. Can she pull the trigger and end the war?

Daniel Dickinson was first published in an annual publication with the short story “Escape from Ogre Island.” He is also self-published with the short story horror book, Don’t Close Your Eyes: Two Thrilling Tales of Terror, as well as Gathering Tide and the newly released Aggression Factor. His writing is based upon a lifetime of creating a realistic realm in which his characters come to life, allowing the reader to become a part of that world. 

Daniel has a wonderful family and is a proud father with a beautiful wife. He enjoys traveling and photography, as well as food and art. One of his many hobbies is taking his daughter and grandkids camping at least twice a year. He currently lives in the greater Phoenix Area, surviving in the grind and writing when he can. He enjoys giving presentations about creating worlds and fantasy genres in general. He looks forward to the challenges of growing as a writer and continuing the adventure that is life. Find out more about Daniel on his website Daniel Dickinson, Author, Adventurer, Artist (