Monday, August 21, 2017

Writing prompts - by Cherie Lee

Writing Teaser  by Cherie Lee - Tissues

Tears ran down the child's face as her mother searched frantically in her purse. The child grabbed hold of the mother's dress and wiped her face. She knotted a portion of the dress to blow her nose, but stopped when I stepped forward and offered her a tissue.

   How old is the child?
   Why didn't the mother have a small pack of tissues in her purse?
    Were tissues a luxury for them and they never bought any? If they never used the paper kind, what did they use?
   Why was the child crying? From being told no to buying a toy or from being hurt?
   Where is this happening?
   Why would the storyteller offer help?
   Did the child take the tissue or not?
   Would or could you turn this into a story that had a happy ending?

Hope this teaser helped spark your imagination.

Cherie Lee

Monday, August 7, 2017

Writing prompts - by Cherie Lee

"Sky spit on me, Ma."

"Enjoy it," Alice MacNickel replied.


What type of story or poem could come from those statements? Ask yourself questions like the ones below to get your writing started.

Who is Sky?
Where is this taking place?
Why did Alice say to enjoy it?
Are these real people or a way to say rain is coming?
What possible enjoyment could the speaker gain if someone really did spit on them?
Would that mean a special selection or a big prize being awarded soon?

Use this as an exercise to prompt your imagination as a writer, or as a starting point for a story.

Cherie Lee.