Monday, August 21, 2017

Writing prompts - by Cherie Lee

Writing Teaser  by Cherie Lee - Tissues

Tears ran down the child's face as her mother searched frantically in her purse. The child grabbed hold of the mother's dress and wiped her face. She knotted a portion of the dress to blow her nose, but stopped when I stepped forward and offered her a tissue.

   How old is the child?
   Why didn't the mother have a small pack of tissues in her purse?
    Were tissues a luxury for them and they never bought any? If they never used the paper kind, what did they use?
   Why was the child crying? From being told no to buying a toy or from being hurt?
   Where is this happening?
   Why would the storyteller offer help?
   Did the child take the tissue or not?
   Would or could you turn this into a story that had a happy ending?

Hope this teaser helped spark your imagination.

Cherie Lee

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