Monday, November 27, 2023

New Release: Team Joshua: The war on crime continues - by Frank Davis


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"Team Joshua" is a story about a select group of individuals who became special government agents assigned to take down criminals who think of themselves as untouchables. The group is lead by Joshua Brown, a 6'-7" former active duty Recon Marine. With him are three other former Marines, Pham Bin Minh, sniper, Mark Riley, demolition expert and Sarge, a large German Shepherd trained to identify explosives and to attack the enemy. A fourth member of the team is Simone Cantrell, a DEA special agent until she hooked up with the team.

The last member of the team is Caleb Brown, Joshua's twin brother, also a former Recon Marine. Both Joshua and Caleb served in Afghanistan for two tours. A week before their last tour ended Caleb was killed by an IED. But his spirit survived, bonded to his brother and became a super sleuth, providing intel no human could gather.

They have successfully completed all four missions over two and a half years. Each one more complex than the last. It was time to stand down and enjoy some well earned R&R. However, that was not to be. This mission was by far the most complex they had ever been assigned to. It was like going back to combat again, but this time in Oregon. Before it was over many people would die.

Frank G. Davis is an award-winning author from Chandler. During the last three years he has self-published ten science fiction novels. An eleventh novel is currently being edited. He is also involved in generating an audio book of one of his novels, The Book of Caleb. It's a prequel to the Joshua series. He has written two four-book series; the first is the Generation series, a space opera that covers 200 years and multiple generations. 

The second is titled, Joshua. It is an action/adventure series set in the near future. Frank has been focusing on marketing and has made arrangements with several Barnes and Noble stores in the Phoenix area to add some of his books to their Local Authors displays. 

In March, he held his first book signing event at the Barnes and Noble store at Tempe Market Place. There are eleven Barnes and Noble stores in the greater Phoenix area. His goal is to hold book signings monthly at their various stores. To find out more about Frank, visit his website Home | Sci Fi Frank

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