Monday, November 6, 2023

New Release: Aggression Factor - by Daniel Dickinson


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The Horde sweeps across the Earth, an unstoppable force with advanced technology. The desperate human nations fight a losing battle, facing destruction as the best defenses they can muster fall before the relentless advance of the enemy. They must find a way to defeat the invaders or face destruction.

Experience the strife and sacrifice, the fear and heroism of the human race in their battle against the invading Horde, in four stories:

Fallen Iron – Seen as inferior and outdated, Mike and his squadron of A-10 pilots have one more trick up their sleeves.

Ellie – When the Horde strikes at the heart of the Arizona desert, Ellie and her father flee the last bastion of civilization.

Three of Spades – A routine scouting mission escalates into a fight for survival in the foothills of the Rockies as the Horde advances.

Losses – Ellie made a new home in Vegas, but when the Horde arrives at her doorstep, she's unprepared for what happens next. Can she pull the trigger and end the war?

Daniel Dickinson was first published in an annual publication with the short story “Escape from Ogre Island.” He is also self-published with the short story horror book, Don’t Close Your Eyes: Two Thrilling Tales of Terror, as well as Gathering Tide and the newly released Aggression Factor. His writing is based upon a lifetime of creating a realistic realm in which his characters come to life, allowing the reader to become a part of that world. 

Daniel has a wonderful family and is a proud father with a beautiful wife. He enjoys traveling and photography, as well as food and art. One of his many hobbies is taking his daughter and grandkids camping at least twice a year. He currently lives in the greater Phoenix Area, surviving in the grind and writing when he can. He enjoys giving presentations about creating worlds and fantasy genres in general. He looks forward to the challenges of growing as a writer and continuing the adventure that is life. Find out more about Daniel on his website Daniel Dickinson, Author, Adventurer, Artist (

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