Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The difficult balance of Science Fiction and romance in the sci-fi romance genre - by Vijaya Schartz


" exceptional tale that belongs in a place of honor on keeper shelves everywhere." Johnna Flores - Coffee Time Romance - 5-cups

Readers of Sci-fi romance expect a good science fiction novel as well as an engaging love story. Some of them also expect love scenes. I sometimes struggle to deliver the latter. As I get older, I tend to focus more on the slow-evolving romance, based on true and lasting feelings rather than lust. 

 Although many of my novels have love scenes, most of these scenes happen later in the story and are not graphic. Some readers want more of it, while other readers, are perfectly happy with a love story that never makes it to the bedroom, at least on the page. 

RELICS is an intense thrill ride of a futuristic romance; I highly recommend it." - Paranormal Romance - " intriguing romance... all the staples of a good science fiction story." Romantic Times - " ...will keep you captivated from beginning to end." 5 hearts Love Romances - "I consider this to be among the best reads of the year!" Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels

 But let’s face it, I am an action junkie. So, in my novels, you can expect a lot of action and adventure, space adventure, plot twists, evil villains, some paranormal elements, and a clean romance, with a happily ever after ending that will leave you satisfied.

 In the sweet sci-fi romance category, you’ll find these titles of mine, also suited for a teen audience.

The Byzantium Space Station series are sweet and only include kisses
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"I love this one by Vijaya Schartz. As always, her action-packed, well-plotted out prose kept me glued to the pages of Black Dragon from start to finish." TwoLips Reviews 5-kisses review and a RECOMMENDED READ

Vijaya Schartz, author
Strong Heroines, Brave Heroes, cats

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