Thursday, September 3, 2020

New Release: MALAIKA'S SECRET - Byzantium Book 3 - Sci-fi Romance by Vijaya Schartz


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Special Agent Tyler Conrad works security undercover on the Byzantium Space Station and adheres to a strict moral code. When strange beings with wings are murdered, and a dangerous lion wanders the station’s indoor streets, Tyler’s investigation leads him to a mysterious woman, who could make him break all his rules and get them both killed.

Forbidden to love, the beautiful Malaika, guardian of the glowing crystal in the temple of the Formless One, is an illegal mind-reader who hides perilous secrets. She has seen the great evil coming to Byzantium but must hide her extraordinary abilities or perish with her people.

When Admiral Mort Lowell, a hybrid Tenebran nicknamed the Vampire, makes a surprise visit to Byzantium, Tyler knows something wicked is afoot…

This book is #3 in the Byzantium Space Station series, but all books in the series are standalones. Here are the previous books:  amazon  -  B&N  -  Smashwords  -  Kobo


Vijaya Schartz, author
 Strong heroines, brave heroes, cats, romance with a kick
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