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Sound, the vibration that created the universe - by Vijaya Schartz

 Sound is a vibration we can perceive, but all vibrations emit sounds. Some of them too high or too low on the scale for us to hear. Although, some animals hear a wider range than we do. Sound is everywhere and sound is powerful.

Vibrations create everything, and according to modern science, the solid matter around us is made of atoms that vibrate in perpetual motion. Change the vibration rate of the atoms and you create a different matter. Outlandish? Not really. People do it every day in their kitchen. By heating food too much you burn it. Through the process of heating, you changed the vibration of the atoms in the food, and turned it into charcoal.

Ancient writings say the universe was created through the vibration of sound. In the beginning was the WORD (sound). Interestingly, the planets emit audible vibrations different for each one, so does our sun and all the stars.

Our bodies are made of vibrating atoms as well, even if we do not feel it. But there is a way to experience it. Boost the volume on that sound system and you can feel the base pounding throughout your body. Get close to a rumbling waterfall, and you will feel it in your bones.

According to the ancient Greek, music is a gift of the gods and has been called mathematics in action. Music also has the power to transport us, alter our moods, even elevate our spirits. I remember having out of body experiences while listening to Gregorian chant in church as a child. I was floating high under the arches, disembodied, free, I was flying through the air. It was a wonderful feeling.

The Native American tribes use drums and chanting to create a trance-like state in which to get insight, wisdom, prophecy, a connection with the natural forces of the universe, and higher spiritual understanding.

Monks in India and Tibet chant for hours each day, creating a vibration liable to elevate their soul, body, and spirit to a higher level of spiritual understanding. Temple chanting in India uses the power of mantras special words with spiritual power, like Ohm… In these traditions, mantras have sacred and transformative powers. There are even places where the sound of the mantra never ends and is reverberated by the earth and the sky.

Vijayanagara in India is a sacred place with temples dedicated to musical sounds. Each temple column emits a different sound when struck, to create sacred music that could lift the gods’ vimanas (spacecraft). According to their traditions, the gods were aliens who came to earth in spacecraft, and lived and taught the people and waged great battles in the sky and on other planets.

Lifting spacecraft through chanting not scientific enough for you? Think. Magnetism and infra-sound technology can counteract gravity. And in labs in every country, scientists are studying sound to develop antigravity technology for future space exploration.

All in all, we are made of vibrations that can be altered by sound. We should work on sound research to help all the people on Earth have stress-free, happy, peaceful, harmonious lives… and explore the universe.

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Vijaya Schartz, award-winning author
Strong Heroines, Brave Heroes, cats

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