Monday, July 3, 2023

New release: Cosette and Oreo: The Case of the Night Raiders - by Caren Cantrell


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Will Oreo be sent back to the shelter?

Cosette's dream comes true when she rescues Oreo from the animal shelter. Now she has a little dog to play with and love. But messes keep happening in their home - overturned trash cans, half-eaten cakes, and spilled flour bags. Cosette's mom is sure Oreo is the one creating all the trouble. Mom threatens to send him back to the shelter if Cosette can't make him behave.

Cosette knows Oreo is a good dog. He wouldn't have made any of those messes. She'll need to use all her detective skills to find the real troublemakers and save Oreo!

A fun book about the love between a child and her adopted pet. Cosette's curiosity and her desire to keep Oreo lead her to find a way to solve the mystery and uncover the real culprits. Included are two activities your child can do at home to hone their own detective skills - writing secret messages with invisible ink and lifting fingerprints.

As an author, Caren Cantrell writes books for children. She has numerous picture books published to date, and she also writes an eBook series for Kindle called Planet Discovery Books for Kids under the pen name Matthew Taylor.

Her business is 102nd Place. Here she assists others who wish to indie-publish to get their books out to the world. She provides ghostwriting, editing, interior design, and cover development services. When she’s not writing or visiting with her eight grandchildren, you can find her on the golf course. She lives in Cave Creek with her husband, Bill and their little dog, Daisy.

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