Monday, May 1, 2023

New release: Meditation on BLue Jesus - Listening to the Disabled God - by Gil W. Stafford


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"Meditations on Blue Jesus is beautifully written. A testament to a sibling with PWS." - paige Rivard, CEO Prader-Willi Syndrome Association, USA

Dinah Stafford is among the oldest living persons with Prader Willi syndrome. She is an artist and a mystic. She’s also a survivor—strong, spiritual, and oh yes, beware, she is stubborn. She has few words but her symbolic art holds profound meaning.

Meditations on Blue Jesus is Dinah’s story. She and her Blue Jesus are small broken figures who communicate a hidden wisdom only found in silence. Dinah recognizes the divine within the marginalized, the odd, the misshapen, the blue experience of every being human. And her brother, Gil, tells their family story, tragic, heart-warming, inspiring and funny.

Each chapter features one of Dinah’s paintings. Her spirituality is her own, but one shared with all of us. Through Dinah’s art, we’ll experience her relationship with the divine, one not overly influenced or politicized by religion. Dinah sits at the center of her blue sacred circle teaching us her Blue Wisdom. Hers is the re-imagining of a spiritual story, a rebirth into a new normal. This is a story of Dinah and “the Disabled God.”

Gil Stafford, PhD, DMin, is an Episcopal priest and former Canon Theologian for the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. Stafford was the President of Grand Canyon University, previously the university’s baseball coach. He is the author of 3 other books; Wisdom Walking: Pilgrimage as a Way of Life, When Leadership and Spiritual Direction Meet: Reflections and Stories for Congregational Life, and Walking with the Spiritual but Not Religious: Spiritual Companions for a Post-Religious World.

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