Monday, April 17, 2023

New release: Wild Call to Boulder Field - by Robert Ronning


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Troubled Park RangerWade Conradheartbroken when his GoldeRetriever goes missingseeks wilderness solace on the Arizona Trail. But the beauty of nature offers little peace on the first night at camp when he hears strange calls and finds a small white terrier cowering in a burrow. Ranger and his rescue, a "Westie," soon run into an accident-prone young bicyclist who claims to carry out creative protests to save wildlife.

Trail conditions soon become desperate when the Westie vanishes in a deep canyon. Wade fears a wild predator has been stalking them on the trail all along. Spurred on by powerful emotions and determined to find the little dog, Wade follows the calls of a mysterious coyote to a vast boulder field. To save his terrier companion, Wade must reach deep within himself and far beyond the typical barriers between man and wildlife.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “If you love dogs and wildlife, you will love this story.” 

About the author: 

From Washington State, Robert had an early career in the theatre and earned a Ph.D. in communication arts. He taught performance of literature at City University of New York. He directed two plays Off-Broadway: a comedy about George Bernard Shaw and a concert docudrama on Albert Einstein at Lincoln Center. Theatre study lured him to London, where he lived off and on for several years. His writing has appeared in academic as well as popular publications, including Channels in Communications, Scene4 Magazine, Quarterly Journal of Speech, and locally in Tucson’s DesertLeaf magazine. Drawn to activist literature, he considers his proudest achievements rescuing and assisting the rescue of lost dogs. To find out more about Robert, visit his website HERE

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