Monday, December 26, 2022

Frank Sinatra and the Mafia Murders - by Mike Rothmiller


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Mike Rothmiller and Douglas Thompson draw on LAPD intelligence files, a cache of FBI documents, and extensive interviews with prime sources who worked with Frank Sinatra. Many of them tracked his long and fatal association with American Mafia leaders, including Sam 'Momo' Giancana, who shared a lover with President John F. Kennedy. 

Shortly after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, 19-year-old Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped at gunpoint in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. A $240,000 ransom was demanded from his father. While law-enforcement agencies sprang into action, Frank secretly contacted his Mafia friends for help. The Mafia believed they could free young Frank much more quickly through their underworld connections. In the end, nine people died. 

Revealed here as never before is the extent to which Sinatra was adopted by the Mafia. They promoted his career and ‘watched his back.’ In return, Sinatra danced to their tune. The book reveals Mafia and CIA interests as well as explosive, previously secret documents. 

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Mike Rothmiller is a New York Times Bestselling Author, nominee for the Pulitzer Prize, historian, former cop and Army medic. He's also served as a TV reporter, an award winning documentary producer and television host for ESPN, PBS and other international television markets. He's written and produced over 25 television documentaries, numerous TV and radio ads and has authored movie scripts. His nonfiction book, My Hero. Military Kids Write About Their Moms and Dads (St. Martin's Press) received international acclaim and holds the honor of being the only book in history to have forwards written by three living Presidents and General Norman Schwarzkopf. He's authored many books and his Secrets, Lies and Deception and Other Amazing Pieces of History was featured on Fox News and over 40 Television News Stations across America. Readers of his books include three Presidents, former First Lady Laura Bush, the late Charlton Heston and Queen Elizabeth II. 

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