Friday, November 4, 2022

New book release: JESUS, HIS BROTHER, AND PAUL - by Dr. Diane Cheney

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Using analysis of recent archaeological discoveries and her extensive education in psychology, theology, and biblical archaeology, Dr. Diane Holloway Cheney is bringing a fresh new take on the lives and ministries of some of the most well-known New Testament figures: Jesus, his brother James, and the apostle Paul.

Jesus, His Brother, and Paul: Their Lives and Archaeological Evidence provides a fascinating quest for truth about these famous men—these founders of Christianity—and their relationships with each other. It examines how Christianity transformed from its beginnings with Jesus and James into something that has lasted through the centuries. It even looks at how Jesus’s against-the-grain decisions invited worldwide acceptance, far beyond what he had ever envisioned.

Perhaps most importantly, this book poses the question: Is the current version of Christianity better or worse than Jesus’s original vision? Read these pages and judge for yourself.

About the author:

Psychologist, world traveler, and armchair archaeologist, Dr. Diane Holloway Cheney is an impassioned biblical commentator. With her impressive education and experience, she is a current member of organizations like the American Psychological Association, the International Society of Political Psychology, the Archaeological Institute of America, the Biblical Archaeological Society, and the American Medical Writers Association. This book is one of her many contributions to the conversation about the New Testament, and with it she hopes to shed some light on Jesus's vision for Christianity-and how it compares to Christianity today.

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