Monday, May 2, 2022

NEW BOOK RELEASE - The Sun Thief - Science Fiction, Children's novel by Caren Cantrell

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The year is 2450. After graduating from the Galactic Preservation Academy, 12-yr-old Earthing Manny Adams is thrust into the role of Chief Cosmic Controller for the Moon when his commander dies in a suspicious moonquake. Jupiterian Cira Blondt is the Chief Cosmic Controller for the Sun, a role she’s wanted since she grew her baby body vents. The two share a unique telepathic bond.

Together, they engage in a battle of wits and courage when Reginald Daschell III, their nemesis from the Academy, concocts a plan to destroy their reputations and proclaim himself a hero to win the respect of his powerful father. Dasch captures the Sun’s Control Center and stops sunlight from reaching the Moon. Without solar power to run the Moon’s equipment, it’s losing the ability to rotate, weakening its gravitational pull on the Earth.

Manny and Cira have just 48 hours to stop Dasch before the Moon crashes into the Earth, exploding it into a gigantic mass of space debris.

Reviewed By Ammaarah Seboa for Readers' Favorite
Caren Cantrell's debut children's novel The Sun Thief falls into the sci-fi, action, and adventure genres. Set in the year 2450, the story follows a group of Galactic Preservation Academy graduates, Manny, Cira, and Taran, as well as their nemesis Dasch. They embark on the next stage of their lives at different Control Stations to monitor the sun, moons, planetary atmospheres, and orbits in addition to noting potential dangers.

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