Monday, February 28, 2022

New Release: The Dust Never Settles - by Stacey Goodman


The Dust Never Settles is a riveting, first-hand account from inside Ground Zero. Stacey Goodman was a female police officer with federal disaster training who was pulled out of the suburbs of Long Island and thrust into the heart of the 9/11 mayhem of the World Trade Center devastation.

With high security clearance, she worked at the very center of the rescue and recovery efforts on the Pile for 23 days, and witnessed firsthand the horrific details of the terror attacks that decimated the world's financial center.

Stacey relives her experience on the Pile in her 20-Year Anniversary book commemorating the event, and shares aspects of her life and career that prepared her for the grueling episode. 

About the author:

Stacey was a police patrol officer on Long Island on 9/11. What many didn’t realize was that she had been receiving ongoing and extensive training in disaster response and was a member of a federal disaster response team that was always ready to deploy in the event of a major disaster. On the morning of September 11, 2001, Stacey had just finished a shift and was getting ready to run some errands as she heard chatter about a an airplane hitting the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan. Stacey was immediately activated for duty with the federal government and reported to the heart of chaos, right in the middle of Ground Zero, where she spent the next 23 days. For more on Stacey, visit her website at  

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