Monday, November 29, 2021

The Arizona Authors Association has a new website!

We are now in transition to our new website at The old website, currently at, is still up, but will soon be no more. By January, we will have both web addresses, .com and .org, pointing to the new website. We at Arizona Authors Association are excited about the new website and plan to add more features and capabilities in the new future. As we accomplish this time-consuming transition, please be patient with us if you do not see everything that was available on the old website. It will come, eventually! 

Kathleen Cook, editor of the newsletter, will be the first webmistress for the new site. Check out your own authors page and make sure all links are working and that everything is correct. If you find something amiss, please contact her directly at 

The new site has options available that the old site did not. Firstly, it is much more secure. You’ll notice that the address starts with https, not http as our old site does. The https encryption system means that your info is totally secure and the page is “unhackable” by any normal methods. Also, you cannot be misdirected to an unsafe site. It’s as close to hackproof as anyone currently makes websites, so we should be able to enjoy that new security for years to come. 

Secondly, the new platform offers options that we may take advantage of in the future, such as creating a forum for our members to network, start groups, or just chat online. It will take a good deal of time for Kathleen to study all the new capabilities and enhance the site, but at least the possibility is there, which we didn’t have in our old site. 

Lastly, the new site can be much more easily SEO optimized, which means we’ll be able to “get it out there” in cyberland, enhance our page ranking, and attract new members. 

As always, projects like this take many hundreds of hours to complete. Please be patient, but don’t hesitate to contact Kathleen if you find an error on your page. Those take priority over anything else! If you haven’t yet updated your web page on the old site, you may send Kathleen a photo and short biography. (200-500 words is ideal, but you may use more if you need to do so.) Please be sure to send a photo with “portrait” orientation (ie, taller and more narrow instead of shorter and wider). The dynamic pages in use on the new site do not handle “landscape” orientation pictures on the member pages, which are all uniform in appearance for a more professional look. If you must send a landscape-oriented picture of yourself, the Arizona Authors Association retains the right to edit as needed. However, you are the ultimate authority for your page, and anything you don’t like will be removed upon request. 

Enjoy the new website!

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