Friday, October 8, 2021

Finalists of the Arizona Literary Contest 2021

Published Categories

Children’s Picture Book 

Stephanie Barton – Above The Clouds: What Really Happens In Heaven During A Thunderstorm? 

Judy L. Paris – Who Will Save The Desert? 

Sande Roberts – Blake’s Big Day 

Analynn Sardella – The Little White Lie 

Fiction Books

Dianne Ebertt Beeaff – On Tràigh Lar Beach 

Vali Benson – Blood And Silver 

Bill Coates – Needles Arizona 

Robert Marek – Desert Fountainhead: A Tale About The Borderlands 

Nonfiction Books

Marsha Arzberger – One Hundred Sixty Acres Of Dirt 

Jan Cleere – Military Wives In Arizona Territory 

Maureen Scanlon – My Dog is My Relationship 

Coach Lia Woodall – Remove to Play 

Juvenile/Young Adult 

Rico Austin – Boy To Successful Man 

Vali Benson – Blood And Silver 

Lynn Marie Lusch – Sally The Stray Puppy 

William Lynam – Shorty, The Alien Dog 

Oldie But Goldie 

Jeri Castronova – Symbols Of The Grid 

Marcia Fine – Paris Lamb 

Lynn Marie Lusch – You Want My Dog To Get A Job?

Penny Orloff – Jewish Thighs On Broadway 


Unpublished Categories


Cherrie Anderson-Smith – The Long Now: Aldin 

Janet Crum – Delta Dawn 

John Hansen – The Mystery Of The Unseen Hand 

Todd Herzog– Walking Across Walden 


Lori DiGuardi – Church Of Summer Desire 

Marty Feess – The Adventure Of 1914 


Terri Dunn – Hike 

Terri Dunn – A Summer Gift 

Jan Nichols – Rush 

Mark Walker – Ramon And Moritz: A Partnership On The Black Coast 

Short Story 

Rico Austin – Dog 
Mark Ford – The Dual On Granite Mountain 
T.J. Michael – Christmas At Topock Hobo Jungle 

Barb Renner – Escape 


This year’s contest was full of quality and competitive entries. We had seventy-two entries this year. The most popular category, Oldie But Goldie, had twenty-two entries and scoring was very tight: separation between the top 8 entries didn’t differ by more than a couple points. Congrats to finalists as well as entrants in that category. 

On November 6, 2021 we will announce the award winners at our awards banquet, at the Glendale Civic Center, with a buffet dinner, and a costumed theme "These Were The Days, My Friend" Anyone can attend. $50 ticket to the buffet, payable in advance. 

To register, contact ARIZONA.AUTHORS@YAHOO.COM 

Thanks to our judges and to our contest coordinator, Jane Ruby. Jane Ruby is an award-winning novelist, essayist, and short story writer. She was the Secretary and Literary Contest Director for the past three years and will continue to serve the Arizona Authors Association as the Literary Contest Director and as the new Treasurer. 

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