Saturday, August 7, 2021

New Release: The MacCollum Charisma - by Ashleen O'Gaea

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The MacCollums of Kilwestra are a charming Scottish clan, no doubt - but their charisma is a magical artifact that requires careful handling. Created from one woman's agony over the New Berwick witch trials in the 1590s, at least five other first daughters of her line died have of its curse. Four more centuries of misuse and disdain couldn't drain its energy. It would take two 21st-century witches, one on either side of the charisma's ancestral power, to do that.


Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm not quite an Arizona native; I was born in the Pacific Northwest, but can't imagine calling anywhere but Tucson home.

I've written quite a few novels, ranging from contemporary to fantasy, and including a set of stories for children and a couple of books for middle-schoolers. My non-fiction work ranges from a variety of books about Wicca - because I'm a fully ordained Wiccan priestess - to one about West Highland White Terriers! And of course I've always got more stories and books in the pipeline.

When such things are safe, Husband-man and I love to entertain. We like to camp and travel, too, especially to Celtic Festivals, where we often hold a booth for our Scottish clan (MacCallum-Malcolm), and sometimes get to show off our West Highland White Terriers, Wee Dram (CH Headsup Highland Adventure) and Isla, whose formal name is Islay Single Malt.

Speaking of single malt, I take mine neat.

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