Friday, February 5, 2021

New release: Ranger Henry The Case of the Toy Thief - by Caren Cantrell


Set in the Old West, Henry dreams of being an Arizona Ranger and keeping law and order in his town. So, when his friend's toys start to disappear, Henry jumps on his hobby horse and goes looking for the culprit. But situations aren't always what they seem. After falsely accusing several suspects, Henry worries that maybe he isn't Ranger material after all. Then a flock of chickens gives Henry an idea. He'll have to use all his powers of observation to find the varmint. 

While the story is meant to be fun and entertaining, there is a subtle theme for children to remind them that they shouldn't jump to conclusions or rush to judgment based on appearances alone. 

Here’s what others are saying: 

Caren Cantrell's narrative weaves a delightful children's story that takes young readers into the mind and heart of Henry and his desire to be of service to his community. The story is brought to life by the unique, vivid illustrations created by Gail Maguire, culminating in a team that complements each other's work for the benefit of us all. Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite Find the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other outlets.  

About the author:

I write stories about characters who are a little different and don’t quite fit in with everyone else. They might have a flipper that’s too short or whiskers that curl. Or they might just be vertically challenged like me. I love describing the adventures of an underdog who rises to the challenge. Most often I write picture books. Writing for kids is something I’ve toyed with since I was little. I have eight lovely grandchildren who helped get me started and are a constant source of inspiration. I’m writing books for each of them with a character who shares their name. Lately, I’ve been dipping my toes into middle grade – and now I’m writing a science fantasy adventure called The Sun Thief. To find out more about Caren, click her website 

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