Thursday, January 28, 2021


Now open to all writers and authors, anywhere in the world (Entry must be written in English). Go to the website and check out the rules and print the form to enter in one of our many categories, published or unpublished. 

For published books, the publication date must be 2020 or 2021. However, this year's Arizona Literary Contest also has a new exciting category Oldie but Goldie." If you haven’t written a book in a while, you may be thinking that you can’t participate. We’ve changed that.

This year, we feature a new category, “Oldie but Goldie.” You may submit ANY book, no matter when it was written, provided it has never before earned an award in the Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest. You may have previously submitted it, as long as it didn’t earn a placement or honorable mention. This will open up the contest to a great many more of our wonderful writers.

We all have favorite older books of ours that have never won an Arizona Authors award. Dust off those covers and submit them now! It’s time to earn recognition for a worthy book that fell through the cracks in years past. 

Your book may have won awards in other contests; that’s okay! As long as it didn’t previously win in our own contest, then submit as many books as you wish, no matter what their copyright date. You may finally earn recognition for a beloved Oldie but Goldie book. Check out this link for our contest form and send off that book now!

Beside cash prizes, all the winners and finalists will be published or featured in the Arizona Literary Magazine. 

you can order last year's magazine HERE

Also, the 1st and 2nd prize winners in poetry, essay, and short story categories, will be nominated for the NATIONAL PUSHCART PRIZE.

You have until July to enter, so if you don't have anything written you still have time to write a poem, an essay, or even a short novel, and enter them in the non-published category.


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