Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Some say I'm lucky with my book covers. I beg to correct that statement - by Vijaya Schartz

Coming in February from BWL Publishing
ANGEL FIERCE - Azura Chronicles, Book 2

Waiting for a book cover is always a nail-biting experience. People say I've been lucky with my covers, and I agree, but it is more than luck. Not only these covers are gorgeous, but they perfectly represent my characters... and that's not luck at all. I call it research, talent, and team work.

I spent an entire week in September looking for the perfect images illustrating the characters of this book, including looks and attitude, on a stockphoto site my publisher (BWL Publishing) uses. I sent the suggestions several months in advance to the talented cover artist who designs most of their covers,

This is one of the many reasons I do not self-publish. I trust my publishers to design gorgeous covers, and I work with them, by making relevant suggestions, and keeping strict deadlines.

Here is the blurb of this February 2019 release: 

The story of Urielle the Avenging Angel, and Maksou, Fianna's young brother, both introduced in Book 1, Angel Mine.

All Maksou wanted was to rescue his trapped friends and get rich in the process. But this forbidden blue planet crawls with lethal life forms… including Urielle, a gorgeous angel of frightening power, who saves his life but shuns his irresistible charm.

Urielle, Legion Commander of the Avenging Angels, is sworn to protect Azura at all costs. She has no use for a maverick intruder who ignores the rules and endangers the planet by his very presence… no matter how handsome and charming. Especially when the Galactic Trade Alliance (GTA) wages a secret war to get their greedy hands on the priceless crystal at Azura’s core.

When immortal angels turn up dead, Urielle springs into action… and Maksou is in her line of sight.

Angel Mine, Book 1, Azura Chronicles (2018)
If you missed it, here is the first book in the series: 
Find it everywhere HERE

What in the frozen hells of Laxxar prompted Fianna to pursue her quarry to this forbidden blue planet? Well, she needs the credits... badly. But as if crashing in the jungle wasn't bad enough, none of her high-tech weapons work. She'll have to go native, after the most wanted felon in five galaxies. It's not just her job. It's personal.

Acielon has never seen an outworlder like this fascinating female, strangely beautiful, and fierce, like the feline predator loping at her side. He always dreamed of exploring the universe, despite the legends... and the interdiction. Is it truly a hellish place of violence, lies and suffering? If it spawned this intriguing creature, it must also be a place of wonders, adventure and excitement.

Fianna's instincts tell her someone is watching. Sheba, her telepathic feline partner, doesn't seem worried... yet, something on Azura isn't quite right.


Vijaya Schartz, author
 Romance with a Kick
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